The worst candies, according to students

Yejun Chung and Selah Lee

With Halloween fast approaching, Central Times’ Yejun Chung and Selah Lee spoke to students on their least favorite candy.

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Licorice [is the worst] because it’s too cherry and it doesn’t taste like cherry. It’s just like, gross. There’s no juice, it tastes like you’re eating rope. You’re literally eating straight rope. Who eats rope? no one, no one eats rope besides mentally crazy people. Mentally insane. ”

— Mitchell Kaszuba, junior

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Almond joy is so bad because it’s literally just chocolate coconut. You can’t even taste the almonds, which aren’t even good, and anyone who likes coconut in a candy is crazy. A candy should not have coconut and almonds. Big no no. ”

— Julia Weber, freshman

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I don’t like lollipops because they are so boring. All you do is lick them, there’s no depth to them whatsoever. Very overrated. ”

— Shaun Everson, senior

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Whoppers because they are too bally and the chocolate goes away too fast. They roll around too much in your mouth and you can’t get a good grasp in your mouth. The chocolate dissipates too quickly when you are sucking on them. The taste doesn’t last and the wafer ball is so dry and boring.”

— Wylie Mease, sophomore

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I hate skittles because they are a weird consistency. You can’t eat multiple flavors at once, or else it’s a weird jumble of flavors and it just tastes and looks gross at that point. They are trying too hard to be M&Ms, but they are worse. ”

— Jake Howard, senior

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