Theatre Central to perform blackbox show

Natalie Langan, Staff Writer

Theatre Central’s annual blackbox show, “The Internet’s a Distract- OH LOOK A KITTEN!” will run on Jan. 26-28. 

 “It’s about a girl named Micah who is trying to navigate her way through writing this paper for school and she’s met with a bunch of distractions along the way,” seniors and student directors Amanda Ritchey and Pearle Bramlett said.

Assistant Theatre Central sponsor Kristen Vitello says it’s been very fun to sit back and watch the student directed play while providing her input on how to further improve the show.

“All these apps that are on your phone and websites come to life. We think it’s something that the kids can relate to and have fun with,” Vitello said.

Student directors help cast and bring the show to life by overseeing all rehearsals. 

 “[Ritchey and Bramlett have] done so much theater both in Naperville Central and outside of it,” Vitello said. “It’s really cool to watch them take everything they’ve learned and teach the freshmen and sophomores.”

The one act show has multitudes of characters representing apps, ranging from Instagram to Tinder. 

“We’re super excited and super grateful to work on this production,” Bramlett said.