Theatre Central to perform “A Simpler Time” January 20-22


Kyle Sheaffer

Theatre Central’s will be performing the play, “A Simpler Time,” on Jan. 20-22.

Kyle Sheaffer, Podcast Host

Theatre Central will hold this year’s Winter Show, “A Simpler Time,” at 7:30 p.m. on January 20, 21 and 22.

The show follows three time travelers who explore human history in search of a simpler time, featuring historical periods such as the Middle Ages, Colonial America and even the future.

The original play consists of 10 acts, Theatre Central’s version will only include five of them. Central’s production will also feature a song with the melody written by student Director Kassidy Wiskari, “Google Water Substitute.” 

“It’s just a very light hearted show,” said Wiskari, “You can just enjoy and get your mind off of stuff.”

While the show is a comedy, the amount of work the cast and crew have put in is anything but funny.

Many of the actors are underclassmen getting to experience their first major role in a show, and in many cases, filling several roles throughout the show. Theatre Central leadership has focused on developing these younger students.  

“My freshman year I was in the Winter Show,” said Lucy Murphy, the show’s assistant director and producer. “It was my first show at Central and so it’s very special to be on the other side of it. And allowing other people to have a similar experience has been amazing.”

One may not see them when sitting in the audience, the crew’s handiwork is all over the play, taking care of lights, props, costumes and set design.

As the Winter Show is one of the first performances since students fully came back to Central in-person, the pandemic has changed how rehearsals and performances work. While it has been hard, the cast and crew has been able to adapt to COVID safety precautions and are ready and excited to jump back into their craft.

“It’s been stressful, especially because I haven’t practiced for two years and all my actors haven’t either,” said Wiskari, “So for the actors, we’ve been social distancing during every rehearsal. While they’re not on stage, there are a few times on stage where they get closer than three feet but really like throughout the entire rehearsal time we try to keep them three feet apart.”

Though COVID restrictions have affected the production, similar restrictions will affect  the audience. A limit will be enforced on the amount of people allowed in the auditorium as people will be spaced out to maintain social distance.