Review: ‘Wayne Family Adventures’: a stellar story

Rabiyah Syed, Correspondent

“Wayne Family Adventures” is an ongoing web comic originally released on Sept. 9, 2021. The series focuses on Batman’s family, and it’s mostly centered around their lives as normal people.

The series has an enjoyable art style. I really liked the character’s costume designs. While most of the costumes are similar to the comics, they are unique in their own way. The artist’s attention to detail when it comes to facial expressions is impressive, and the facial expressions truly reflect the character’s emotions and, at times, their personality.

“Wayne Family Adventures” is published in short installments, called episodes, that are brief yet entertaining. Each episode has its own small plot, but despite that, this the series develops and perfectly captures characters’ personalities. Bruce Wayne is a tired father figure with many kids, Cassandra Cain is a cool yet loving sister and Richard Grayson is  a loving older brother. Alfred is also written as the superior authority in the family. The series has also solidified traits that fans have always imagined about the characters. For example, the series shows many of the characters’ favorite superheroes, and the favorite superheroes match the characters well. The episodes focus heavily on the characters and their everyday lives. The webseries also highlights sibling relationships. Siblings fight, annoy each other, work together and support each other. While the characters may be vigilantes, they are also a family. Many comics show heroes as just heroes, but this shows that they are human and makes them relatable for readers.

I would highly recommend this series. It is enjoyable to read, especially as a fan of the Bat family. Each episode has its own story line. People who haven’t seen other Bat family content can still read it, as it is entertaining. The series is easy to follow, relatable, has a good art style, and has properly and clearly developed the characters’ personalities. “Wayne Family Adventures,” while affiliated with DC, is a web comic series rather than comic series, and can be read at