Review: ‘Hubie Halloween’ —did the movie with the cast that would potentially ‘save 2020’ live up to our expectations?


Photo source: Netflix

“Hubie Halloween” is streaming on Netflix now.

Lanna Harazin, Correspondent

“Hubie Halloween” was the movie that was supposed to “save 2020,” starring a large cast of fan favorites like Adam Sandler, Noah Schnapp, Paris Berelc, Karan Brar and many more. 

It was released on Netflix just in time for Halloween on Oct. 7. What really gave the movie some buzz before it came out was the loads of familiar faces on the supposed cast list,the countless amounts of cameos and small supporting roles familiar to young and older viewers alike. 

 This Halloween-themed comedy follows Salem, Massachusetts’s most willing volunteer, Hubie Dubois (Adam Sandler), who gives himself the job of patrolling the streets on Halloween. While not being loved by most of the town for his “boy who cried wolf” tendencies, Hubie finds himself getting involved with solving a real murder as he tries to save and prove himself. 

Adam Sandler plays his quirky character throughout the movie, which is primarily what makes the movie funny. Sandler portrays his character with an usual accent. This accent is what he gets mainly made fun of because of how funny it sounds, and it definitely builds character. 

Sandler’s character gets into a lot of mischief as well as funny and awkward situations. It keeps the movie going as he is very clumsy and can’t be taken seriously by the audience or other characters. For example, in the movie one of my favorite scenes is where he talks to a wolf thinking it is a human as it defecates in front of him.

You cannot go at least five minutes without laughing because Sandler plays the weird character like no one else. Sandler goes really in depth with his character as he is very different from the other characters. For example Hubie navigates town on a bike, which is unusual because he is a grown man, he also carries around a thermos which contains soup which he frequently mentions. The weird details are what really makes the audience pay attention to his character.

At the end of the movie, there is a tribute for actor Cameron Boyce, who died back in 2019, a couple of days before the movie began shooting. He was supposed to play Karan Brar’s character, Deli Mike. As Brar and Boyce were close, Brar took his friend’s place to play the character.

Overall, it was a great movie to watch on Halloween with family and friends. It is a cozy movie to watch and has a good plot to follow. Every scene has something interesting in it. 

There are some cringe-worthy moments in the movie, but I believe that is what makes the movie funnier. It has an unanticipated good ending, which is unexpected especially for a Halloween movie. Then again, it is a comedy more than a scary movie. 

It’s not your average Halloween movie, but it is a great representation of a 2020 Halloween movie.  If you are a lover of Halloween in general you will love this movie because it gives off great Halloween vibes. There are so many cameos, there will be at least one familiar face to each member in your group watching. 

Here’s a challenge, count how many familiar faces you see throughout the movie, you may not have any fingers left to count.