19 things to do while you are quarantined

Maggie Dalton, Head Photo and art, Community Editor & columnist

Even though COVID-19 has changed our normal daily routines quite a bit, our lives don’t have to come to a halt. There are still countless things to do while in quarantine. Here are 19 things to do while stuck at home.


1. Use the KonMari method and clean your entire house.

Ever since “Cleaning up with Marie Kondo” came out on Netflix, I know you have been dying to use the KonMari method on your own living space. The KonMari method consists of going through objects and getting rid of them if they don’t spark joy. And who couldn’t use more joy these days?

2. Get that hazmat suit body ready

Although you may not get to show off your “beach bod” in the Bahamas this spring break, it is still important to stay healthy. It is encouraged to go outside for walks or runs. You can find at-home workouts and yoga on YouTube instead of going to the gym. 

3. Learn something new

Always wanted to learn how to do something but never had the time? Well, now you do have the time! You can learn how to play an instrument or how to knit. The possibilities are endless, and you have plenty of time to obsess over something new.

4. Get nine hours of sleep per night

Without the ability to hangout with friends late every night, now is the perfect time to catch up on some sleep. 

5. Read a book!

When it doesn’t have a deadline or project assigned with it, reading can be quite relaxing. 

6. Watch a really long movie

You could watch that three hour movie that you never had time for before. “Titanic” has a run time of three and a half hours and “Gone with the Wind” is just shy of being a four-hour-long movie. If not now, then when?

7. Cook something extravagant

Watch “The Great British Baking Show,” “Zumbo’s Just Desserts,” or “Ratatouille” for inspiration. Learn how to cook or bake something new.

8. Have a Netflix party

Get the Netflix Party Chrome extension and sync your Netflix with your friends. You can have a live chat in the corner of whatever show or movie you are watching.

9. Create a presentation on something that is commonly overlooked

Create a Google slides presentation on anything from why giraffes are more mythical than unicorns to why silly bandz should come back in style. You can present this to your family or send it to your friends.

10. Make a list of places you want to go and activities you want to do once the quarantine is over

Being stuck in your house can make you feel down, but making a list of everything you are going to do when the quarantine is over can give you some hope towards the future. 

11. Increase your flexibility

A little stretching every day can add up. It would be super cool if the next time your friends saw you you could drop into the splits.

12. Write and mail physical letters

Facetime is great and all, but we love getting physical letters. Write one to a friend even if they live down the block. You can make it silly or serious.

13. Make a vlog

Even if you aren’t going to post it anywhere, this is an historic moment. Maybe in 100 years the History Channel will use your vlog as a primary source.

14. Write a Young Adult dystopian novel about COVID-19

Two star-crossed lovers who can’t touch due to COVID-19. This story could be set in almost any country. 

15. Create a work of art

Who knows? You could be the next Vincent Van Gogh, but you’ll never find out if you don’t try it. 

16. Recreate iconic movie or TV show scenes on a budget

You can rope your family members into your shenanigans or put on a one-man show. 

17. Form the TBL (Tissue Basket League)

The loss of watching live sports may have taken a toll on you but who says you can’t create a new sport. Send videos of you throwing your tissues in the trash to your friends and challenge them to top it. Creativity is the key to owning this challenge.

18. Feed your webkinz for the first time in nine years

Remember them? They are probably starving right now. Search through your junk drawer and find the post-it note that has your username and password on it.

19. Turn yourself into a mummy

What else are you going to do with all that toilet paper?