Combined winter concert displays student talent

Chloe Chan, Opinions Editor

On Dec. 14 the band, orchestra and choir performed in two separate concerts. The event was held in Naperville Central’s auditorium, and there were over 30 groups playing in each concert.

Each concert was around 90 minutes long, with both curricular and extracurricular musical groups featured. The point of having two separate concerts was to allow more students to perform, as well as the opportunity for family and friends to come out and see more acts.

This is the music department’s second time putting on this show, as the combined concert was just introduced last year.

Since it was right in the middle of the holiday season, the concert’s theme was winter. It featured a few classic holiday songs and also showcased some pieces the audience may not have been as familiar with.

“The ensemble performed one big song together called ‘The Eighth Candle,’” senior Julia Newcomb said.  “It was really exciting to play because it’s a Jewish song, so it’s different in that way since people usually think of Christmas songs when they think of holiday music. It was cool to get some more representation.”

The band, choir and orchestra ensembles prepared just over a month for this concert. The ensembles played most of their songs separately, however, they did perform some songs together and played one final song together with all 30 ensembles on stage.  

This combined concert happens only once a year making this an event that has excited members of the musical ensembles, directors and family.

Band director DJ Altstadt said this sets the show apart from others.

“What’s unique about the show is that it’s basically a nonstop concert,” Altstadt said. “You’re not stopping to tune, so the moment a curtain comes up an ensemble is there, and then when they’re finished playing a choir might start from the right shoulder of the stage. The goal is for this concert to be seamless.”