Naper Settlements ‘All Hallows Eve’ review

Rachel Cole, Staff Writer

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If you didn’t get to go to Naperville settlements All Hallows Eve this year you should definitely try to make it next year. During the weekend of Oct. 19, my friends and I went to Naper Settlement’s annual All Hallows Eve event.

Even though for the whole night the weather did shift between 30 to 36 degrees and it was awfully windy, that didn’t stop the people from coming out. The lines for each exhibit snaked around the whole place. By around seven thirty or eight o’ clock the lines were so long it took about half an hour to an hour to get in.

My two personal favorites were the Torture Dungeon and the basement tour. The Torture dungeon took place in the blacksmith shop in Naperville settlement where a volunteer plays the part of a disturbed man who finds delight in torturing others. The special effects were very realistic especially when they show a girl being burned with a poker. That was rated three skeletons which means it’s one of their very scary exhibits.

There was others events for people who aren’t big on really scary things. There was a fire show where a man juggles and swallows fire, stage entertainment like magicians and human curiosities, and photo booths and face painting for young kids and groups of friends to do together. The one thing I definitely would have liked to see is maybe a few more recent horror movie attractions. This is definitely something I would recommend for families, friends, couples, parents, and to pretty much anyone who likes the old fashioned sort of scary stuff and is willing to bundle up to see it.

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