Theatre Central to present fall play, “Our Town,” in November

Neya Thanikachalam, Editor-in-chief

Theater Central will be performing the fall play, “Our Town,” on Nov. 2 to 4, which is the first Thursday to Saturday of the month.

“Our Town […] basically tells the story of two characters, George, Emily and their everyday lives,” stage manager William Kelsey, junior, said.

According to the Thornton Wilder Society, the play has a very minimalistic style and breaks the fourth wall, meaning that the audience is directly addressed during the play.

“It is narrated by a person called the stage manager, who seems to have a semi-omnipresent and omnipotent role in the play,” Kelsey said.

The play progresses chronologically, providing insight into the lives of George and Emily Gibbs.

“The character development literally changes from literally being happy to being completely in love and then to [dying],” assistant director and junior Josh Anstrand said. “The character development is so important to the play, and it’s something me and Ms. Johnson have been focusing on.”

Anstrand’s role is to co-direct the play, and take over leading rehearsal if the director, Susan Johnson cannot do so.
“During rehearsals, me and Ms. Johnson work together to just put the play together,” Anstrand said.

Assistant producer and junior Angelena Sichelski, along with the producer, senior Abby Peterson, are in charge of casting. 

“We are in charge of all the forms and the program and all the behind the scenes work, basically,” Sichelski said.

The cast members were officially selected on Aug. 31. They rehearse every weekday except Friday. The times they stay after school vary, but rehearsal usually ends around 5 p.m.

“Towards the beginning of the show, we’re just learning our blocking and lines and everything,” Sichelski said. Rehearsal’s really short […] but as it gets closer to the show we have to start running the full three acts over and over

This show is the first that Johnson is directing.

“It’s a classic play that a lot of people know, so it’s interesting that this is Ms. Johnson’s first show as director,”  Sichelski said.

“She chose such a popular play so I feel like it will get a lot of attention.”