2023 Board of Education candidate bio: Ronald Amato

Jake Pfeiffer, News Editor & Copy Editor

This story is a part of The Central Times’ coverage of the 2023 Board of Education election. The election will take place on April 4. For more information, click here.


Ronald Amato is one of five candidates running for a seat on District 203’s Board of Education in the 2023 Consolidated DuPage County elections. 

Amato is an attorney who serves on the Naperville Firefighters Pension Fund Board, the boards of the Kids Matter nonprofit and the Exchange Club of Naperville. Amato has two kids, both of whom go to school in District 203.

“I have experience managing budgets as a nonprofit board member,” Amato said. “The school district has a very large budget. It’s over $300 million. I feel that it would be helpful to have somebody on the board that has a little bit of a financial background and is able to kind of roll up their sleeves and get into the budgets.”

Amato decided to run primarily because of his experience.

“At the time [I decided to run], it didn’t really look like there was anybody running initially other than the two incumbents,” Amato said. “So I said, ‘look, somebody’s got to step up.’ I think with my background and my professional experience, it makes sense for me to give it a shot.”

If elected, Amato said he will prioritize academics, student safety and financial responsibility.

“Making sure that we’re being mindful of the fact that people in our area pay high property taxes [is a priority],” Amato said. “The district or board members when they set the tax levy, they want to make sure they’re being mindful of that and trying to look at creative ways to run the district without consistently raising taxes the maximum amount.”

Amato also said he would take a measured approach when controversial issues come before the Board or Education.

“When [controversies] come up in front of the board, as a board member, I think you want to try to stay neutral, hear everyone out and listen to people on both sides,” Amato said. “Try to avoid making any rash decisions until you really are able to gather all the facts and hear from everybody.”

Overall, Amato said he wants to ensure District 203’s long term success.

“I want to make sure that our schools stay strong, and that Naperville continues to be a good place to raise a family,” Amato said.


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