La Journal Cafe: Top 10 Expensive Desserts

Marissa Laqui, Community Editor, Social Media Manager

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Everyone loves dessert. The grand finale of all meals, dessert is something everyone looks forward to and saves room for. Many people have their own favorites when it comes to warm and gooey or cold and creamy desserts. I love me an ice cream sundae or macarons or even funnel cake! Dessert is almost like a reward that can be given after any achievement. But how far do people go to in order to taste these luxurious treats? I will be going over the top 10 most expensive and luxurious desserts that will have you picking gold out of your teeth.


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  • Photo source: The Daily Meal - Starting off with a whopping $1,000 cake, fit for a king. It is covered in 24-karat edible gold, caramelized black truffles, and figs that have been marinating for years in Jamaican rum. The Sultan’s golden cake takes approximately 72 hours to create and has the confusing appearance of a bar of gold. This cake is served in a hand-crafted silver box and was first introduced in the Çirağan Palace Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Photo source: Food Digity - Found in a Dubai mall bakery by the name Bloomsbury’s is a hidden $1000 cupcake that is made out of Italian chocolate, Ugandan vanilla beans and infused edible gold. With it comes gold-dipped strawberries and a side of icing. To upgrade your dining experience, the bakery gives you a golden spoon to eat the cupcake with. unfortunately, you are unable to take the spoon home with you, but despite that, you are consuming a small plate of practically edible 23-karat gold sheets.

  • Photo source: CNBC - Making an appearance on Buzzfeed's Worth It series, this golden $1000 sundae has become very popular and surprising to the eyes of its viewers. Although the price may be far from what most people can afford, Serendipity 3, owners of this delectable dessert, have managed to get at least one or two customers each month who want to experience this sweet, luxurious dessert. Famously known as the ‘most expensive’ ice cream sundae, this dessert has edible golden leaves and is even served in a $350 Baccarat Harcourt crystal goblet that you get to keep.

  • Photo source: First We Feast - Famous for their fresh and fluffy doughnuts, Krispy Kreme is no stranger to early birds and their coffee. But just because they are a classic doughnut bakery, it doesn’t mean they can’t serve gourmet food. Also covered in edible 24-karat gold, this doughnut was originally created in order to raise money for The Children's Trust. Along with this doughnut comes edible diamonds, a white chocolate lotus and champagne jelly.

  • Photo source: First Luxe - Possible one of the most difficult desserts to make is the famous French macarons. As difficult as it may be, the price of the famous Pierre Herme macarons is through the roof. Coming in at $7,414, this French bakery has allowed their customers to become creative and actually request handmade, unique macarons with any flavor or topping they desire. Creating your very own custom macron cookie recipe.

  • Photo source: The Fortress Resort and Spa - Despite its abstract appearance, the fortress stilt fisherman indulgence balances many flavors and was inspired by traditional fishing techniques used centuries ago. Served with an aquamarine stone at the Fortress Resort and Spa, It is said to deem qualities such as healing powers and the ability to bestow happiness upon its owner and is known as the good luck charm of fishermen and provides them protection.

  • Photo source: E! Online - Coming with a diamond-studded spoon in New York's famed Serendipity 3 is their famous frrrozen haute chocolate. This dish has a blend of about 28 different cocoa flavors, edible 24-karat gold and a sprinkle of La Madeline au Truffles. Served in a golden gauntlet, frrrozen haute chocolate has to be ordered in advance due to its ingredients that are not easily found.

  • Photo source: Golden World Desserts - Fish eggs in pudding? Sounds great to me! According to the creator of this expensive pudding, chef Marc Guibert, his dish is made out of the many high-end ingredients. The recipe includes chocolate, gold, caviar and 2-karat diamonds. Unlike the previous desserts, this pudding is served in an edible replica of a jeweled Faberge egg.

  • Photo source: Tastemade - Famously known as the dessert to not bring at a holiday gathering, fruitcake is something many people shy away from. Making said fruitcake to be diamond encrusted and $1.72 million dollars doesn’t make it any less of an attention grabber. This blinding two-tier cake was created by the Takashimaya Department Store in Tokyo, Japan. Studded with a total of 223 diamonds and one 5-karat heart-shaped stone, this cake took approximately six months to bake and design.

  • Photo source: Just Luxe - Strawberries—simple, sweet and cheap just like any other fruit in the grocery store. How can strawberries be worth millions? Well, there is French vanilla ice cream, whip cream and a hint of port-red wine sauce. Everything seems normal until you add in a 7-carat pink diamond ring by MS Rau Antique. This dish is served during many special occasions, most of which are marriage proposals. With $9.85 Million dollars worth of strawberries and a ring, who wouldn’t say yes?

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