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Principal Bill Wiesbrook: Letter to the editor

In the May 15, 2012 edition of the Central Times, there were several places where the reader may be led to believe that the PSAE results for NCHS impact the funding that our school receives. This is not true.

In the editorial, page 15, 3rd paragraph from the end, it says “If students keep ‘this test won’t matter attitude’ not trying can cut school funding and drastically change our lives at Central”. Again, this is simply not accurate. There is no funding for NCHS based on the PSAE scores.

Students should certainly do their best, and put forth a sincere effort on the PSAE test. Students’ individual scores are reported and shown on their transcript. When a student applies to college, the college admissions office will certainly look at these results. It is also important for our school to determine in which academic areas we are doing well, and in which areas we may need to improve. For these two reasons, students should apply themselves and put forth a sincere effort to demonstrate their understanding and mastery on the PSAE exam.

I do not want our school community to feel that the motivation for a quality performance on the PSAE exams is associated with money. It is not. I believe that everyone at NCHS should do their best. There are many folks who regret not doing their best at some point in their past. I have yet to meet someone who says “I shouldn’t have done my best” at a task, and on this designated date in April, all of our students should give a sincere effort to demonstrate your abilities on the PSAE test.

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