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Teachers in Academic Center to help students during lunch hour

Aly Nunez, Correspondent

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The Academic Center opened with the start of the school year, allowing teachers to help tutor students in their core classes. This service is available during students’ lunch hours and certain study hall periods.

“The Academic Center offers academic support opportunities for students in the areas of critical thinking, reading, writing, speaking, and listening,” said Marc O’Shea, ordinator for academic support, in an offical statement. “In conjunction with learning strategies and meta-cognitive skills, students may work with experts regarding specific content-area development.”

O’Shea created the Academic Center to encourage students to ask questions and get help from teachers. It provides a place for students and teachers to work together in a safe, quiet and productive environment based on Redhawk academic values according to the school mission statement.

“I think it’s a really nice idea. It’s really convenient for you to just go in during lunch and it’s helpful that they have a teacher from every core subject there,” senior Laura Hill said. “It’s really personal—you don’t have to go in before or after school or wait for your own teacher to be available.”

The Academic Center is open for students during their lunch period or study hall, during periods four, five and six. In addition to helping students during the school day, the Academic Center also supports after-school tutoring three days a week.

“Whether it is homework help, lesson clarification, quiz or test prep, writing for communication arts, mathematics, science or history courses – a student may work with a teacher in the specific content area,” O’Shea said.

If students are interested in receiving help, students can either walk-in during their lunch period after they have finished eating or make an appointment with one of the tutors.

“No matter if it is a two-minute quick clarification or a prolonged engagement, students can come in, meet the teachers who are staffing the center, sign-in and work together,” O’Shea said.

Teachers from communication arts, mathematics, and literacy are present daily, but science and humanities are on a rotating schedule.

The Academic Center is located in room 117, connected to the cafeteria.

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Teachers in Academic Center to help students during lunch hour