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Durva Trivedi, Editorial Editor, Opinions Columnist

Mar 12, 2013
Naperville North student newspaper nominated for NSPA Online Pacemaker (Story)
Mar 06, 2013
Author and businessman Danny Abshire visits Natural Running classes as guest speaker (Story)
Feb 19, 2013
NCHS proposes new academic integrity procedures to staff, pending Board approval (Story)
Feb 15, 2013
North’s golf team pays respect to teammate (Story)
Feb 15, 2013
Humanities teacher to participate in global teaching program (Story)
Dec 15, 2012
Durva Trivedi: Thoughts on Newtown (Story)
Dec 10, 2012
Suspended student speaks out regarding cheating incident (Story)
Dec 10, 2012
Writers of cheating story clarify any misconceptions of BYOD program (Story)
Oct 19, 2011
2011 ACT scores show low college readiness percentages (Story)