Mark Menis inducted to athletics hall of fame


Jimmy Dalton

Mark Menis holds hall of fame plaque after receiving it on Feb. 3.

Elaine Zhou, Staff Writer

Q: How do you feel about being inducted into the athletics hall of fame?

A: Extremely honored. I’m inducted basically because of two team sports: swimming and water polo. So I’m just very grateful to have had some incredible teammates and role models in both those programs and coaches. So really I accept this award on behalf of them.

Q:  Were there any lessons you learned from your career that you’d like to share with students today?

A: You’ll never regret hard work. I coach water polo and I constantly give the message of effort, effort, effort. As long as you show up and try, you’ll find a lot of success in whatever you’re passionate [about] and [what] you put your energy towards. 

Q: What was the highlight of your experiment at Central or what are you most proud of?

A: All the connections I’ve had at Naperville Central [were] incredible when it came to student engagement, sense of community and bringing everyone together. It’s pretty easy as a sports team to get stuck in a bubble, and you’re kind of only friends with those teammates, but Central did a good job of promoting all [the] sports. I’m showing up to congratulate any awards that happened at the morning announcements, so it’s really just reflecting on all the friends I made both in athletics and out of athletics. And I’m happy to still be friends with those people today.

Q: How has your time as an athlete/coach helped your life beyond your Naperville Central experience? 

A: I saw life lessons. [I had] a lot of role models in the athletic program that I looked up to [like] Mike Adams and Bill Salentine [who] were my two head coaches. And it’s taking those life lessons and kind of using them in my work today. Just working to collaborate as a team and the work environment has helped me greatly in my career, and I got those day skills from doing team sports here at Naperville Central. 

Q: Anything you would like to add?

A: I only received this award because of my teammates. I was on two team sports that were very successful, and without every single one of them I would not be up here today. So it’s a special thank you to them.