Central Retirees: Karen Stacho

Sarayu Suresh, Staff Writer

Karen Stacho computer support associate

Q: Can you describe what it’s like to work at Naperville Central?

A: I love working with the students and the staff. It’s nice when you can figure stuff out for them, and they appreciate it. So it’s been great. I like working in this big environment.

Q: What is your favorite memory during your time here?

A: My best memory was probably when I got hired at Naperville Central. I needed a change. I had worked at Lincoln before, and I was on my own. So, I was glad to be part of a team and part of the school environment again.

Q: What are your plans after you retire?

A: I’m going to babysit my granddaughter, do some gardening, and sleep in. 

Q: What are you going to miss most about Central?

A: The people I worked with and the students. It’ll be a different environment not coming in every day. 

Q: What has Central done for you during your time here?

A: The tech department is wonderful and they’re always there to support each other. They helped us learn a lot of things. Over the years, technology has changed, and we’ve had to change.