Redhawks of the Week: Senior Rishi Kumar

Emily Zhen, Managing Editor, Opinions Columnist

Senior Rishi Kumar is one of this week’s Redhawks of the Week. In school, he is involved with a business club called DECA, Drum Show, Spanish Honor Society and National Honor Society. Outside of school, he enjoys playing basketball, learning how to play the piano and volunteering at Edward Hospital. (Photo courtesy of Rishi Kumar)

1. What are your post high school plans?

Not entirely sure yet, but hoping to study mechanical engineering in college (wherever I decide to go) and maybe one day go on to start my own business.

2. What are you passions and interests? What activities are you involved in at school and outside of school?

I love music, especially percussion. I am involved in NCHS Drumshow and also picked up piano on my own just for kicks.

I love the game of basketball. I played at Central for two years and have now moved on to higher pursuits: I am currently playing Y-ball for the Honeybadgers.

I am a part of DECA, a business/marketing club here at Central, and have participated and medaled in Automotive Services Marketing all four years.

I am also a National Honor Society Chairperson, el presidente de Spanish Honor Society, and I volunteer at Edward Hospital.

3. What are you most proud of? 

A week or two ago I helped a random lady and her kid get their car unstuck from a ditch and three feet of snow in some random neighborhood. That was one of my prouder moments.

4. What is your life dream? 


5. What is something about you that you would like other Redhawks to know about you?

I sometimes categorize people by their shoes.

6. Favorite high school memory?

DECA Nationals 2013 – LA for five days. Rodeo Drive, the Chinese Theater, the Hollywood sign, Disney World, the beach, the movies, missing school…enough said.

7. Favorite joke or favorite inspirational quote

Henry Youngman – “If at first you don’t succeed, so much for skydiving.”

Emo Philips – “Once we were taking a test. I was copying this other kid’s paper and I guess the teacher heard my Xerox machine. And she said, ‘Emo, am I stupid, or were you cheating?’ I said, ‘Ah, yes and no.’”

8. What is something you can’t live without?

My heart.

9. What are three adjectives you would use to describe yourself?

Well-rounded, innovative, {sociable, youthful} à indecisive

10. If your life were a movie, what would be the title?

Rishi & Kumar Escape from Chicago to Bombay

11. Who is your biggest hero or role model and why?

My older brother, Prateek, is my biggest hero. I have always looked up to him as a role model, and he continues to be one of the greatest influences on my character and beliefs.

12. What is a motto you live your life by?

Robert Byrne- “The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”

Ausonius- “Forgive many things in others; nothing in yourself.”

Chili Davis- “Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.”

Confucius- “Life is really simple but we insist on making it complicated.”

C.S. Lewis- “It doesn’t really matter whether you grip the arms of the dentist’s chair or let your hands lie in your lap. The drill drills on.”

Epictetus- “God has entrusted me with myself.”

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