New Staff 2016: Samantha Stanley

Blake Preston, Correspondent

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Samantha Stanley is a new teacher in Naperville Central’s Special Education Department. On Wednesday October 5th, I sat down with the new edition to our staff and asked her a few questions.


Q: So first off, is it Ms. or Mrs. Stanley?

A: It’s Ms. Stanley

Q: Why did you choose Special Education over another teaching profession?

A: It was a challenge for me, and I like being challenged. Plus I think, they’re (special education students) unique. They’re good kids, and they just need someone to believe in them extra

Q: What would you say is the easiest part of your job, and what’s the most difficult?

A: I think the easy and the difficult go hand in hand. I think the easiest is getting ot know my students and being able to reach them. Bu the most difficult sometimes is motivating them.

Q: If you weren’t teaching Special Education, what other teaching job would you have? Or would you have a different job entirely?

A: I have a double major in Elementary and Special Education. So it would go towards an elementary career

Q: Do you have a specific grade in mind?

A: I love the little guys and I love the older guys.

Q: So when you were growing up, what was your favorite subject?

A: It was math. Math was my favorite and I’m lucky enough that I coteach Algebra and Geometry.

Q: Although you’re newer to the profession, what advice would you give to someone who wants to be a teacher or related profession?

A: It’s tough, but you gotta stick with it. We always need good teachers.

Q: That’s all I have to ask you today, thank you for you time!

A: Thank you too!


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