Review: H mart’s new renovation is a one-stop-shop for everything cute


Claw machines at H Mart (PHOTO CREDIT: ELAINE ZHOU)

Elaine Zhou, Correspondent

H Mart, a supermarket chain offering Asian groceries, has renovated parts of their food court—introducing a BBQ chicken place, a bubble tea shop, and now, a Korean stationary store called ArtBox along with Japanese crane games. 

The Artbox and crane games from Kiddleton Kiosk, simply put, are an aesthete’s dream. Each establishment features a multitude of cute items to either be bought or won. The Artbox, interestingly enough, hosts charming stationary right alongside skincare, household objects and even items for pets. 

Some may find the disparity of the items inconsistent with its target audience, but I for one enjoy the diverse offerings and conveniences. If you want eyebrow razors and unique cartoon stickers all in one trip, ArtBox is the ideal destination. No other place—especially not the likes of ordinary retailers—can provide the same products in this adorable style. 

On the same corner, Kiddleton Kiosk’s new crane games resemble a child-friendly casino. The capsule ball figures and plushies entice the eyes of trinket lovers, taking their money in the process. 

Each try takes two to three tokens and must be under thirty seconds. I think the exchange rate of one dollaring equaling one token is barbaric, but the aesthetic atmosphere makes simply partaking in the fun a prize in itself. It’s the thrill of winning, the gratification of your friends cheering you on as new memories are made gambling over plush keychains. 

H Mart’s new additions upgrade the ethnic supermarket to being more than a simple grocery store. My previous visits to H Mart consisted only of shopping for groceries, impulsive snack purchasing and the occasional visit to a restaurant with each trip taking a maximum of 1 hour. I longed for excitement beyond the familiar aisles of items, to see something catering to those like me who love owning stationary they never use and keychains never attached to bags. With the new ArtBox, my constant need of owning pretty things I don’t really need is wholly met. Capitalism, you win me over once more. These new products at my beloved H Mart are sure to capture the hearts of the masses, and their wallets.