Letter to the editor: Naperville Central cheering

Reprinted with permission from Naperville resident Bruce Camp, via Nextdoor Maplebrook

We attended the recent Central-Lincoln Way East football game. We were with friends from LWE so we sat on the visitor’s side. As expected the National Anthem was played before the game. I noticed that the kids in the cheer section for Central were holding a large flag throughout the entire song. They were all standing and the flag was waving. That in itself was great to see. The, about ⅔ of the way through, I started to hear them sing and as we neared the end, they could be heard loud and clear. It was one of those “give me tingles” moments to hear these kids singing the anthem so loud and waving the flag. Kudos to all those kids. It was a great feeling to see that kids today still do respect the flag and what it means. A great display of patriotism. Thank you.