Central Times

You decide how to love yourself

Laaiba Mahmood, Managing Editor

March 5, 2019

To be honest, I’ve never spent much time thinking about what it means to love myself. I know that the mainstream way to practice self-love is to do face masks, bath with bath bombs, splurge on something, subscribe to the whole “treat yo’self” philosophy Donna Meagle endorses in “Parks and Recreation.” But something...

The Amazon addiction

Laaiba Mahmood, Managing Editor, Opinions Columnist

December 30, 2018

I’ve never bought anything from Amazon. At first, I didn’t have a real explanation as to why I don’t shop on Amazon. My family pays for a Prime subscription, but I’ve never used it. It seems helpful and convenient, but I have a general dislike of online shopping. I’m just so used to physically seeing what I’m p...

Selfish or selfless

Laaiba Mahmood, Managing Editor, Opinions Columnist

November 22, 2018

As a timid freshman looking for ways to get involved at Naperville Central, I attended Rotary Club meetings that had led me to sign up to volunteer at multiple events in the area. Attending the club meant volunteering at events solely to give back to the community, in line with their motto, “service above self.” ...

Stepping in the right direction

Laaiba Mahmood, Managing Editor, Opinions Columnist

October 30, 2018

Despite my strong connection with my South Asian culture and heritage, there are obvious flaws when it comes to treatment of women in that region and by people raised in that context. Women and young girls are sexually assaulted, harmed, shamed and have certain cultural expectations of being a wife and mother. There are ...

On credibility and risk

Laaiba Mahmood, Managing Editor, Opinions Columnist

September 28, 2018

Two years into high school, I stopped wearing my hijab. After two years of tying my scarf as part of my morning routine, I let my hair down. I know now that taking that risk was worth it. No, I wasn’t forced to wear a hijab by my parents, nor was I forced to remove it by anyone. It was a decision influenced by no one but mys...