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2017-2018 Editorial Policy

The Central Times is a student-produced monthly publication which strives to use high-quality multimedia to provide Naperville Central High School students, parents and faculty alike with community information, entertainment and an open forum for student expression, all while continuing a tradition of journalistic excellence.

The Central Times accepts letters to the editor from all readers. Each letter to the editor must include a signature and phone number when submitted. Letters submitted electronically via our website must include a valid name and email address. Writers may request anonymity but must attend a conference with the adviser, Keith Carlson, and the current Editor-in-Chief. If it is deemed necessary to keep an author’s name out of print, the name will not be released in any
form. The Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to edit letters for concise language, grammar and length. The Editor-in-Chief may decide which letters to print based on space available and scope of readership affected.

The Central Times abides by the Illinois Speech Rights of Student Journalists Act of 2016, which gives student journalists free speech rights and editorial control over content. Student journalists at Naperville Central are educated
to understand that they, not school officials, bear the burden of responsibility for their content choices. Furthermore, Central Times journalists acknowledge the limits to their free speech rights, which does not protect them from libelous,
slanderous or obscene content, invasions of privacy, expression that violates federal or state law, or content that incites students to commit an unlawful act or “materially and substantially disrupt the orderly operation of the school.”

The Central Times is edited according to the AP Stylebook. It does not print works deemed profane, though crass language may be used in editorial or opinion pieces. In other cases, words considered profane will only be used if part of a direct quote and imperative to the content or meaning of that quote. 

For all controversial topics, the Central Times will strive to objectively cover the facts related to a particular issue and may eloquently express any staff opinion appropriate to the situation in a staff editorial. The staff develops the editorial
through open discussion. One or two writers construct the editorial from discussion notes. Columns and opinion or commentary writing represent only the opinion of the author.

The Central Times accepts writing, photos and artwork from Central students. Any person who writes and researches a story will be included in the byline of that story. If an editor must rewrite or do large amounts of research to complete a
story, he/she will be included in the byline and the original writer’s name will appear at the end of the story as a contribution. The Central Times reserves the right to not publish stories, photos or artwork submitted.

All students interested in working with the Central Times may attend morning meetings in Room 218 on Tuesdays before school. 

Readers reserve the right to call attention to an error in print and are encouraged to highlight errors via digital communication.

Those interested in advertising and donating can contact a student business manager. Ad prices vary depending on the size of the ad space. All advertisers must sign a contract. The Central Times will not publish advertisements illegal to

An annual subscription to the Central Times costs $10. Communication Arts teachers distribute papers in their classes at monthly release dates.

The Central Times website will feature some of the print edition’s content, but not all of it. In addition, the website will feature material not included in the print edition. All comments posted by readers will be displayed so long as those comments can be traced to a real user and the comment is on topic and does not include explicit threats to other
readers, the writer, or a story source.

If a student or faculty member dies during the school year, the Central Times will print an obituary and may cover news associated with the death if deemed appropriate by the staff.

For additional details and policies specific to this newspaper’s use of social media, video and online publications, please consult Central Times online.